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Matthew Brady

Matt Brady is an Account Executive who consults Anatomic Pathology labs on how to run more efficient and cost effective laboratories.  His expertise in negotiating contracts and building strategic partnerships with clients has become a vital asset to Aviron Partners.  Matts' additional background in construction and project management help him work successfully with our general contractors and subcontractors.  

Email: Matt.Brady@AvironPartners.com


Jon D'Alba

Jon D'Alba has over 11 years experience as a civil engineer in the City of Philadelphia.  Working as a private consultant for large public and private agencies, his expertise ranges from environmental, transportation, and structural design to construction permitting, feasibility studies, and cost estimation.  Outside of his engineering career, Jon has rehabbed several homes in the Philadelphia area. His role on the Aviron team is focused on the engineering and architectural design and coordination of all rehab and new development projects.

Email: Jon.Dalba@AvironPartners.com


Matthew Lynch

Matthew Lynch has 15 years of experience in residential real estate financing. He has facilitated over 1200 home purchases over the course of his career and has a thorough understanding of what buyers and renters are looking for in a home.  His knowledge of the real estate industry make him uniquely qualified to find, assess, and analyze potential projects to create a successful product.

Email: Matt.Lynch@AvironPartners.com