I’ve rented from Aviron for over a year now and it’s been by far my best rental experience. After dealing with predatory and dishonest landlords in the past, I was refreshed not only to find that everything was above-board with them from the get go, but that they genuinely seemed interested in making sure we were happy with the property and the terms of the lease. As far as communication and attentiveness goes, they have always responded to our emails virtually immediately, and any issues we’ve had have been resolved within a day or so. Really, I just can’t overstate how great it is to have a landlord that you feel is genuinely interested in giving you a positive living experience. I also really appreciate the fact that, in my experience, Aviron seems committed to restoring and rehabbing existing properties that fit the fabric of the neighborhood, as opposed to putting up cheap new construction that sticks out like a sore thumb. Even if I were to move, I would move to another property managed by Aviron Partners.
— Rob (Hollywood Street)

Transitioning into the new apartment was very easy in terms of the rental process. The landlords are very easy to communicate with, reasonable, professional, and have been very expedient in dealing with any concerns or questions we have had while were are living here. The house was renovated well, and we all been happy with our living conditions.
— Chris (Hollywood Street)

Aviron Partners provided an ideal apartment space, are quick to respond to questions and requests, and lend a helping hand whenever it is needed. Right from when we saw the apartment listing for the building in which my roommates and I now reside, Jon was quick to schedule a tour of the space, after which we were so impressed we asked to put a deposit down that day. Aviron Partners provided us with a clean, well-renovated facility in a friendly neighborhood. Any time we have had an issue, whether it be a leaky appliance or a question regarding utilities, the landlords are quick to respond and come out to the house to remedy the problem as soon as possible. I’ve heard horror stories about people’s neglectful or absent landlords in Philadelphia, but Jon and Aviron Partners are the antithesis of that. They show that they really care about their tenants and their community.
— Noah (Hollywood Street)